One day I had an epiphany. I had been chasing the elusive ONE THING, the FOCUS. I looked around my studio and saw all these art supplies. Some were already drying out, others were still in their packaging.

Meanwhile, I kept going in circles until I decided: use what I have, do what I want.

So this page is for personal Fine Art. There is no profound reason a part from trying to make a connection with my fellow highly sensitive thinkers.

May a mark, a brushstroke, a face, a texture, a color find you.

May we begin a dialogue in silence or loudly, may we send smoke signals as a way to simply say: We exist. With all the beauty and ugliness, the order and chaos, the creativity and the sameness.

A devoted reader, I believe my brain functions like a Samuel Beckett stream of consciousness as read by a British actor.

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