Toning Down

The intensity of watercolor is magical and mesmerizing. I love bright colors as much as the next person. I can contemplate Frida Kahlo’s vibrant paintings but I probably would not hang one at home. It took me a bit of time to reunite what I like to what I want to paint.

sothing shades.jpg

Bulls eye

Splashes of red oxide, ultramarine bleu and raw sienna

Vibrant colors out of the tube are inviting and as soon as they touch the paper they are full of possibility. When I started I painted a lot of colorful images. It was only after a lot of practice that I learned about color theory. Through a lot of observation I learned also the beauty of the limited palette.

English countryside in watercolor.jpg



Always with you
all forgiven
all days new days
safe with me…

These days I keep a limited palette and I try to paint many different subjects with the same colors to help me understand better how they tell a story.

neutral landscapes.jpg

I have been turning more and more towards the masters and someone who has me completely hypnotized is Berthe Morisot. Her portraits and her use of colors are having profound effects on me.

Even though I keep working a lot with watercolor, some of my favorite blends come from diluted ink. So I create a landscape in india ink and then color it in Photoshop. The results are breathtaking.


This is the type of painting I want to hang on my walls, along with line art drawings and collages. So with this compass in hand, I hope to produce a series where colors mingle, never start and never end.